Cache Cache

关于CACHE CACHE相关商标终止授权的公告
Announcement on the termination of trademark license of
CACHE CACHE related trademarks

To whom it may concern,

我公司,Beaumanoir Asia Holding Singapore PTE. LTD.,是CACHE CACHE品牌的全球所有权人。我司于2020年12月24日与熙熙易来商贸(上海)有限责任公司(该公司原名:博马努瓦服饰商贸(上海)有限公司,以下简称“熙熙易来”)签署《商标许可协议》,授予熙熙易来CACHE CACHE C商标(注册号:29553346)、“C”图形商标(注册号:G847785A)以及凯西凯琪(注册号:25670799A)商标在中国境内使用许可。

We, Beaumanoir Asia Holding Singapore PTE. LTD., are the regional owner of the CACHE CACHE brand. We signed a Trademark License Agreement with Xixiyilai Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD. (its former name:Beaumanoir Garments Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, hereinafter referred to as "Xixiyilai") on December 24, 2020, granting Xixiyilai the trademark license right of CACHE CACHE C (registration number: 29553346), the graphic trademark "C" (registration number: G847785A) and 凯西凯琪 trademark (registration number: 25670799A) within Chinese territory.

在获得我司的商标许可期间,由于熙熙易来多次严重违反双方《商标许可协议》,侵犯了我司作为商标所有权人的利益。因此,我司依据《商标许可协议》的约定,于2022年12月22日起依法解除与熙熙易来的《商标许可协议》,并同时终止熙熙易来对“CACHE CACHE”所有相关商标的在中国境内的使用许可。

During the license period, Xixiyilai repeatedly and severely violated the Trademark License Agreement and seriously infringement our rights as owner of trademark. Therefore, in accordance with the relevant provisions, our company have terminated the Trademark License Agreement with Xixiyilai as of December 22, 2022. Consequently, Xixiyilai's license to use all relevant trademarks of "CACHE CACHE" in China is terminated as well.

自2022年12月22日起,熙熙易来不再是CACHE CACHE商标的合法被许可人,也不再享有使用任何“CACHE CACHE”相关商标的权利。由于官方信息更新存在延迟,若中国国家知识产权局登记备案的商标许可的公示信息与本公告内容相悖的,以本公告内容为准。自此,发生的任何未经我公司授权擅自使用或侵害我公司商标权益的行为,我司将保留一切权利并采取必要的法律行动。

As of December 22, 2022, Xixiyilai shall no longer be the lawful licensee of the CACHE CACHE trademarks and no longer have the right to use any trademark related to "CACHE CACHE" brand. Due to the delay in updating the official information, if the publicity information of the trademark license registered with PRC State Intellectual Property Office is inconsistent with the contents of this announcement, this announcement shall prevail. We shall reserve our rights and take necessary legal actions against any unauthorized use or infringement of our trademark rights.


We hereby make this announcement.

Beaumanoir Asia Holding Singapore PTE. LTD.
January 4, 2023